I left my baby (in London Town)

Songs of Travel

Something a bit more light-hearted, from my recent lone trip to Cape Verde…

I left my baby
(from “Songs of Cabo Verde”)

I squint at the sun
On the beaches of Sal
I came for the wind
But the wind cried foul
The messenger breeze
Chided to me with a frown:
“Should not have left your baby back in London Town!”

I looked for the waves
But the waves lay low
And the faithless swell
Just rocked me so and so
And the shore-break whispered
As it gently lay me down:
“Why did you leave your baby back in London Town?”

In Santa Maria
I came to make my peace
The air was tense and close
And I couldn’t rest at ease
And the gathering rhythms
They spun me round and round:
“Your baby’s out there crying back in London Town!”

But the sun still smiled
And it looked me up and down
And hugged and carressed me
Until my skin was brown
And I gave it a parting nod:
“Perhaps I’ll see you ’round,
But I will not leave my heart again in London Town!”


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