Poem for F

Songs of Love

Let’s start off with something nice.  Here is something I wrote to the one in my life who makes it all worthwhile…

Poem for F (from “Songs of Love”)

Would I compare you to a summers day?
No, not to the day’s uncertain light.
I would compare you to the calming dusk,
Its steady blue the shadow trees carressing,
As amber panes entice the lonely traveller,
And working men return to homely blessings.

Well then, your eyes are deep like oceans?
Why would I want to drown in murky depths?
What I see there is something near and real,
A light to lighten up my cranny nooks
With clarity and understanding;
As shallow or as deep as he who looks.

Would it be true to say that you’re my destiny?
But why such narcissistic nonsense!
I’m just the hitcher with the lucky moves –
The destiny is yours and yours to keep.
So for the journey I wIll guard it closely,
And stroke your hands and fingers as you sleep.

Are you my heart’s desire?
What crass and petty limitation!
I looked for you with more than fickle heart,
And found you where desire fears to tread,
Where I can rest my head upon your pillow,
Where all is possible and nothing need be said.


2 thoughts on “Poem for F

  1. …oh my God now I am getting tears in my eyes!

    aaah true love…I am so so happy for you guys. You’re an inspiration to me.

    Beautiful! x

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