Songs of the Everyday

Everyone is talking tongues.
Our atavistic frowns and smilies
flashing LOL’s and OMFG…
And all the kids have smacked it,
while, gramps, your (sic) resigned
to haul that sorry lolling tongue behind.

While the shadow puppet show
of these board-room presentations
is filled with grim obscenities,
as – the fucking perverts! – they agree
to park and take off-line and circle back
to take a view another time.

And our bread-and-butter leaders tell us “look”,
and, waterboarding us with pre-prepared platitudes,
stress our suburban angst
with neologistic wars of questionable sense.
And spin such candy-floss from all this toxic mush
As would make moustachioed agitators gush.

And everyone is talking all at once.
To drown the constant hum?
And fill the dreadful silence?
Ears screwed down so tight we hear nothing
but regurgitations of our filthy minds.
Like some sick echo on a faulty line.

And all you tremoring enthusiasts,
literary laureats and cultural heroes,
rattling protectors of the arts –
you sit together nodding wisely,
and, parroting such artless life,
you smear our canvases and pages
with intricate banality
and gilded shit and offal.
Or look down at your plates
picking at some monstrous refried remnants,
“But isn’t all this weather simply awful?”

Well I am neither nerd nor noob
Nor sycophant to what is trending.
I’ll talk with each on their own terms,
But my own rules are not for bending.
Still, I can hide my rhymes.
And I can force-feed my words with soap
until they’re soft and fatty and can slip more easily
past swollen tongues and down reluctant gullets.
Hey, I can even lose the rhythm,
and let you stumble awkwardly on my lines…
…Until perhaps some gloriously bloated fool
will come and ask for something more refined.

– O –

Letting off steam again – I hope the by-product is enjoyable! They should make writing verse mandatory in the estates and prisons.


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