Parfum Maroc

Songs of Travel

The labyrinths of Fez
Speak in a tangy air of beaten copper tones
And rooftop whiffs of acrid tanneries
The candle-lit perfume of empty rhiads
And musty passageways of ancient stone.

The desert road is silent
But for the heated whispering caress
Of hot sand winds against my ear.
My nostrils flair
To draw the fumes of heated asphalt
And the temptations of a long awaited rest.

And as you speak sweet somethings in my ear
You gift to me sweet scents of desert wind
And tussock grass in sea borne mists
And sun kissed strands and tanning cream
And clinging fabric wet on salty skin.

– o –

A video diary from travel in Morocco.
With thanks to Danil “Danny Tenfingers” for the awesome soundtrack.


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