How do you feel?

Songs of the Everyday

The sun is shining. The sky blue. The autumn air crisp.
How do I feel?

Your status updates blow about like fragments of successful living.
How do you do?

When did we talk?
When did you open up your heart and bare your mind?
When did we start assuming,
And observing from afar
With all that clandestine disinterest
Through dessicated templates that we claimed to have discarded
Long ago?

When did you last unbutton that horrific straitened jacket
And show your bare white skin?
Is it so long ago, you leant towards me
Your lips tempting me with your unbuttoned blouse?
When will you stop pretending I’m not here
As I stand here right in front of you,
Too monstrous to acknowledge,
Naked and awkward?

Are you feeling awkward?

Well, how do you do?

– 0 –

September 2010


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