Love (after Frank Herbert)


Love bids me closer still, yet as I turn away,
Revealing my redemption from a wasted day,
Love holds me tighter, yet as I lose my grip,
A rock upon which sits my sinking ship.

I say to Love, let go and let me drift away,
Deserve I not redemption on this wasteful day,
I say to Love, no sin if you should lose your grip,
It was a different rock that sank my listing ship.

Love answers, I could let you drift away,
Preserving the redemption for a different day,
Love answers, yes my hands will lose their grip,
To pluck your listless body from your sinking ship.


The road home


There is no home like place
Where every smile has a face
Distant grows the fondest heart
Soon it yearns to be apart

When every fake is just a smile
We’ve all been on the make a while
Fighting for a place back home
Where we can eat and drink alone

Provided nothing is completed
Can I retire undefeated?
Softer grows the strongest heart
My angel, I don’t know my part.

Young and beautiful to me

Songs of Love

When we were young and lost, but found ourselves
With one another, who could foresee?
You were my friend, yet I discovered
That you were beautiful to me.

When the spray and sun caressed our faces,
And in the wind your hair blew free,
Throughout the best of times you were,
Young and beautiful, with me.

And as we look ahead and maybe frown a little
At the uncharted lands and seas,
If I remain for you and you for me – then
Young and beautiful we’ll be.

When all is done, all things are said,
We watch the sun set in the sea,
You will remain forever, my friend,
Young and beautiful to me.

London, 3 March 2007

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This is one of my earlier pieces written literally in minutes following one of those inspired moments. In many ways it remains unbeaten in its simplicity.